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Gluware 5.2 Delivers Powerful Workflow Capabilities And Expanded Vendor Integrations


Gluware has announced the general availability of Gluware 5.2, which introduces close to 40 major new features and hundreds of other updates to its intelligent network automation solution. According to the company, Gluware 5.2 enhances the drift detection and audit capabilities in the company’s Config Drift and Audit application. The release introduces the ability to incorporate user-defined commands across CLI and API-based environments. Users can define custom command sets, per vendor OS, when performing drift detection and auditing on the output of the commands for both configuration and operational state validation.

User-defined commands enable “define your own drift” monitoring, which allows users to customize and extend drift and audit coverage across their infrastructure according to their specific environment and use case needs. With support for auditing both configuration and state items, Gluware customers gain comprehensive visibility to reduce blind spots and ensure continuity during change management.

The update also enhances the flexibility and reusability of the company’s Network RPA workflows through new input variables that allow workflows to be invoked via API or forms. Workflows across users’ favorite third-party monitoring and management applications can now be automatically kick-started, dramatically simplifying interactions with northbound systems. The new ‘Wait for’ operator also provides greater workflow control for applications that involve waiting on external system events or status changes, such as ServiceNow.

With Gluware 5.2, customers can rapidly scale network automation through no-code, drag-and-drop workflow building along with copy-and-paste API integrations that enable the automation of over 80% of common network management tasks.

Gluware 5.2 also introduces new platform capabilities that simplify deployments and credential management. The update also further expands vendor support for faster deployments and improved ROI.