As a data-lake engine, Dremio specializes in allowing companies to query data directly on data lake storage, in particular, on A3 (AWS) and ADLs (Azure). However, when it comes to running business intelligence queries on cloud data lakes, companies don’t have ideal choices as cloud data lake storage solutions are not optimized for that.

Companies are left with really two bad choices. One: they get slow queries as they run something like Hive, Presto, or SQL engine on that data. It’s not an acceptable solution so what ends up happening is that they start moving data to a data warehouse where they can do all this work, but once again that’s a lot of work – just copying it and constantly keeping that in sync. It’s all counterproductive, inefficient, difficult, and expensive.

To solve this problem, Dremio has announced the ability to actually run production BI (business intelligence) workloads, including dashboards, directly on cloud data lake storage. So if you have data in S3 or ADLs, you no longer have to move that data into a data warehouse just in order to power your production at BI dashboards. You can run all these queries natively in cloud data lake storage. It also reduced the need for data warehouses.

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