Global analytics company GoodData has launched its new cloud-native analytics platform offering, GoodData.CloudNative (GoodData.CN). The platform represents step one in the definition and implementation of the new Data as a Service (DaaS) category and ecosystem.

GoodData.CN allows users to deploy analytics based on the most modern framework available — including Docker, Kubernetes, etc. This developer-centric, API-first build delivers performance, UI flexibility, and efficiency benefits across the board.

The ability to deploy with any cloud gives developers real options and eliminates the need to move or copy data. This reduces costs, improves efficiency, and enables real-time analytics by reducing latency.

Moreover, GoodData.CN allows for on-premise options enabling customers to choose deployment and implementation options that best support their business requirements with GoodData’s existing security practices.

GoodData is first releasing a Community Edition to give all developers the opportunity to deploy, evaluate, and test the GoodData.CN platform at no cost.

Community Edition is free for all non-production use and allows for unlimited data volume, unlimited number of users, and free community support via an all-in-one Docker image. From there, users can scale to the Freemium, Growth, and Enterprise offerings for increased customer support, production deployments, and customizable capabilities.

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