Google AI Hub Gets Updated With Collaboration Features


Revamping its AI Hub, Google Cloud has enabled more collaboration between data scientists and machine learning teams. The updated AI Hub includes a new home page to access public and private files, machine learning taxonomy, and the ability to share notebooks, AI models and other assets (just the way you share a Google Doc).

AI Hub, designed to be a one-stop shop for people interested in training or deploying AI models, builds on top of machine learning module TensorFlow Hub. It was launched in beta in April 2019 at the Cloud Next developer conference. A year ago, AI Hub was first introduced in alpha after the launch of Kubeflow Pipelines.

AI Hub was initially made available to around 100 business partners.

Among the new features are the ability to share URLs of public assets on social media, and also the ability to label and categorize machine learning assets using a list of data types, techniques and use cases.

The overhaul also includes 70+ new content assets for tutorials on model building.