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Google Announces New Cloud Regions In Chile, Germany, Saudi Arabia


Expanding its global footprint, Google Cloud has announced new cloud regions in Chile, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

When launched, each region will have three zones to protect against service disruptions. They will also include a portfolio of key Google Cloud products, while offering lower latency to nearby users and a more robust global network of regions for multinational enterprises.

Google Cloud regions are designed and dedicated to providing enterprise services and products for Google Cloud Platform customers.

In 2020, the company launched four new cloud regions—Jakarta (Indonesia), Las Vegas (U.S.), Salt Lake City (U.S.), and Seoul (South Korea)—and announced more to come, including Doha (Qatar), Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy), and Paris (France).

In Germany, this second cloud region will complement the company’s existing region in Frankfurt.

In 2018, Google announced an MoU with Aramco to jointly explore establishing cloud services in the region.

Building on that MoU, the company concluded an agreement in December 2020 and Google Cloud will now deploy and operate a Cloud region in Saudi Arabia, while a local strategic reseller, sponsored by Aramco, will offer cloud services to customers, with a particular focus on businesses in the Kingdom.