Google has announced Spinnaker for Google Cloud Platform, a service that brings the popular continuous delivery (CD) solution to its users.

Spinnaker was created by Netflix to succeed its internal content delivery platform, Asgard. When Netflix was working on Spinnaker it found that Google was already planning to fork Asgard to make it run on Google Cloud Platform. Netflix engineers worked with Google to collaborate on Spinnaker and develop it as an open source project, which was designed for cloud-native, multi-cloud world.

Ever since its arrival, Spinnaker has been gaining momentum as a preferred continuous delivery platform. Today, it’s been used by companies like Box, Cisco, and Samsung to create fast, safe, repeatable deployments. There is a growing community of users and vendors around Spinnaker.

By bringing Spinnaker to GCP, Google is making it easier for users to consume Spinnaker. Users can now easily install Spinnaker in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with a couple of clicks, and start creating pipelines for continuous delivery. Spinnaker on GCP includes Spinnaker, Deck (the UI for Spinnaker), an installation and management console, microservices, and sample applications. Users will be able to reap these benefits:

• Secure installation: Spinnaker for GCP supports one-click HTTPS configuration with Cloud Identity Aware Proxy (IAP), letting you control who can access the Spinnaker installation.
• Automatic backups: The configuration of your Spinnaker installation is automatically backed up securely, for auditing and fast recovery.
• Integrated auditing and monitoring: Spinnaker for GCP integrates Spinnaker with Stackdriver for simplified monitoring, troubleshooting and auditing of changes and deployments.
• Simplified maintenance: Spinnaker for GCP includes many helpers to simplify and automate maintenance of your Spinnaker installations, including configuring Spinnaker to deploy to new GKE clusters and GCE or GAE in other GCP projects.

Users can add sample pipelines and applications to Spinnaker to learn about best practices for deployments to Kubernetes and VMs. These can guide DevOps teams to formulate their own deployment pipelines tailored to their company’s requirements.

“We want to make sure that the solution is great both for developers and DevOps or SRE teams,“ said Matt Duftler, Tech Lead for Google’s Spinnaker effort.

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