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Google Cloud Announces Backup For Google Kubernetes Engine


Google Cloud has announced the Preview for Backup for GKE, a cloud-native way for you to protect, manage, and restore your containerized applications and data. With Backup for GKE, you can more easily meet your service-level objectives, automate common backup and recovery tasks, and show reporting for compliance and audit purposes.

In other words, this means more applications deployed in GKE, making it easier for the company’s largest customers, like Broadcom, to expand their use of GKE and manage these new, more demanding workloads. Google Cloud claimed that it is the first cloud provider to offer a simple, first-party backup for Kubernetes.

Backup for GKE orchestrates data protection and restores for you, so that you can manage data at the container level. With Backup for GKE, you can create a backup plan to schedule periodic backups of both application data and GKE cluster state data. You can also restore each backup to a cluster in the same region or, alternately, to a cluster in a different region.

Moreover, you can even customize your backups to ensure application consistency for the most demanding, tier-one database workloads.

“Backup for GKE makes it easier for us to protect our stateful workloads in GKE, and it makes restoring those stateful workloads much simpler and faster,” said Jose Chavez, SaaS Platform and Delivery Engineer at Broadcom. “We see integrated backup as another sign of GKE’s maturity for stateful workloads, and we look forward to using it to serve our worldwide internal customers at Broadcom.