L’Oreal is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud to leverage its Cloud Workstations, a tool that enables developers to easily deploy a new development environment that can be pre-configured consistently with commonly used development tooling and the same level of security configuration. In addition, Cloud Workstations offers needed flexibility and customization, making it simpler for developers to request workstations based on their specific needs.

L’Oreal was looking for a solution to enable developers to work anywhere, anytime on any device in a consistent, efficient and secure manner.

Cloud Workstations is a key part of Google Cloud’s Software Delivery Shield, and is focused on accelerating developer onboarding and increasing developer productivity in a secure manner. It provides fully-managed, cloud-based development environments with advanced security features, support for multiple integrated development environments (IDEs), customizable development environments, and many popular developer tools, addressing the needs of enterprise developer teams like L’Oreal’s data team.

With Cloud Workstations, developer onboarding is now measured in days instead of weeks or even months. Deploying a new development environment is as simple as clicking a button. Within just a few minutes, a brand new development environment is ready to go in the cloud.

With a cloud-based solution, there is no longer the need to store code on developers’ local laptops. They can access fast development environments anytime via a browser or from their preferred local IDE, no matter where they are located.

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