Google has announced the general availability of its zero trust product offering, BeyondCorp Enterprise, which extends and replaces BeyondCorp Remote Access.

With BeyondCorp Enterprise, customers and partners get a scalable zero trust platform in a secure, agentless architecture. It includes non-disruptive, agentless support delivered through the Chrome Browser; Google’s global network with 144 network edge locations; the entire surface area protected by Google’s scalable DDoS protection service; and built-in, verifiable platform security.

“Because our own zero trust journey at Google has been ongoing for a decade, we realize customers can’t merely flip a switch to make zero trust a reality in their own organizations, especially given varying resources and computing environments that might look different than ours. Nonetheless, these enterprises understand the zero trust journey is an imperative,” Google Cloud Security Vice President and General Manager Sunil Potti said in a blog post.

“As a result, we’ve invested many years in bringing our customers a solution that is cost-effective and requires minimal disruption to existing deployments and business processes, using trust, reliability and scale as our primary design criteria,” Potti added.

BeyondCorp Enterprise also includes real-time end-to-end protection to prevent malicious data loss and exfiltration and malware infections from the network to the browser.

Moreover, the BeyondCorp Alliance enables customers to leverage existing controls to make adoption easier while adding key functionality that helps customers make better access decisions.

Check Point, Citrix, CrowdStrike, Jamf, Lookout, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec (a division of Broadcom), Tanium and VMware are members of the BeyondCorp Alliance.

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