Grafana Labs has announced the general availability of Grafana Cloud Profiles. Powered by Grafana Pyroscope OSS, the new offering is a major new functionality area for analyzing profiling data to gain insights into the behavior of applications.

Grafana acquired Pyroscope, the company that created the popular open source continuous profiling project of the same name, earlier this year with the vision of unifying a single continuous profiling across logs, metrics and traces. Now just 5 months later, it has completed the integration of Pyroscope into this Grafana Cloud Profiles.

Continuous profiling has been dubbed the fourth pillar of observability (after metrics, logs, and traces). It offers developers a deeper view of resource usage of their code, allowing them to understand their application performance and optimize their infrastructure spend.

By providing multiple ways to correlate different types of observability data, Grafana Cloud Profiles enhances your ability to optimize infrastructure spend, simplify debugging, and improve application performance. It underscores the power of integrated observability, where each component complements the others to provide a cohesive and detailed view of system performance.

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