Grafana Labs has evolved beyond just one observability technology and has become a comprehensive Open Source observability stack for most cloud-native applications. In this episode of Let’s Talk, we invited Tom Wilkie, VP (Product) at Grafana Labs, to talk about a wide range of topics related to observability. 

Wilkie shared his take on the importance of Observability in modern infrastructure and cloud-native stack. As organizations approach observability, they are tempted to collect way too much data. What pitfalls does Wilkie see? What are the mistakes people make while building their observability strategy? Cloud-Native is a complex and busy space to ensure that observability doesn’t add to that complexity and simplify things for users. We concluded our discussion with Grafana’s investment in open source technologies.

Guest: Tom Wilkie (Twitter, LinkedIn)
Featured Company: Grafana Labs
Show: Let’s Talk
Topics: Observability

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