Grafana Labs has announced the release of a modern Prometheus-as-a-Service solution called Grafana Metrics Enterprise. The solution is claimed to offer large companies an easier, cost-effective way to run Prometheus at scale.

Grafana Metrics Enterprise is built on Cortex, which was recently promoted to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubator — a signal that the project has reached a healthy level of maturity and adoption.

With Grafana Metrics Enterprise, large companies can cost-effectively store all their application and infrastructure metrics in one centralized cluster, or across multiple Grafana Metrics Enterprise clusters.

Further, Grafana Metrics Enterprise is claimed to bring the benefits of Prometheus (flexible, multidimensional data model; powerful and concise PromQL queries; SRE-class alerting) to enterprises in a way that is more sympathetic to their architectural requirements.

The centralized, horizontally scalable, replicated architecture is familiar to enterprises. And there are minimal dependencies: Organizations only need to provide S3-compatible storage.

Also, native multi-tenancy, built-in authentication, data-access policies, and cluster federation allow administrators to control where their metrics live and who gets to use them. Data can be kept wherever it currently lives — whether in the EU or China or elsewhere — and users can still query a global view of their metrics.

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