Gremlin has announced Automatic Service Discovery at FailoverConf. The new feature from Gremlin automatically identifies the various services running across distributed systems, which enables engineers to directly target them for more effective Chaos Engineering experiments.

Gremlin’s Automatic Service Discovery works by identifying the services running where the Gremlin agent is installed, and then surfracing the operational data that makes those services function, such as process names, container images, and where the service is deployed.

This makes it easier than ever before for engineers to run targeted chaos experiments, regardless of how they are hosted, be it distributed across hosts, containers, or even multiple cloud providers.

Gremlin has also built a new way to track reliability progress, enabling SREs and DevOps teams to click into a particular service and view the full history of experiments run over time.

The owner of the service can also include links to runbooks for remediation and any associated dashboards for deeper observability. Having a single view for all of this information will provide engineers with a greater understanding of the reliability of their services.

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