The General Services Administration (GSA) has appointed Dr. Payman Sadegh as its new chief data officer. In his new role, Dr. Sadegh will be advising management on agency-wide data entry, design, warehousing, collection, dissemination, management and accessibility, ensuring data programs are coordinated, comprehensive, and strategic.

GSA’s first chief data officer, Kris Rowley, left the agency in March this year.

Dr. Sadegh is an executive with over 20 years of experience in leading applications of advanced analytics, data science, machine learning and AI across multiple industries including financial services, retail, Internet, healthcare, telecom, and automotive.

Prior to government, he co-founded ChainSquared, an AI-based healthcare startup, and was chief data scientist for Visual IQ, a provider of marketing attribution and intelligence solutions acquired by Nielsen in 2017.

Dr. Sadegh joins GSA’s team just a week after being named a Presidential Innovation Fellow.

The new class of Fellows includes 34 technology leaders who are beginning a year-long “tour of duty” in the U.S. government, tackling issues of national priority alongside 22 federal agency partners, with some embedding multiple Fellows into their organization to work towards bold goals on shared projects.

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