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Hammerspace Announces Its New Executive Advisory Board


Hammerspace has announced the creation of its new Executive Advisory Board, comprised of globally recognized leaders who will provide strategic guidance for the company’s mission of making data a global resource for innovation and development.

The Hammerspace Executive Advisory Board members, renowned leaders from across the government, technology, finance and investment communities, include:

  • Bob Flores
    Senior Partner with OODA consulting, Founder and CTO of Applicology Incorporated, Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Roxane Googin
    Chief Futurist of Group 11, over 20 years’ experience predicting macroeconomic technology trends as editor of The High Tech Observer
  • Brendon Howe
    Technology thought leader, VP/General Manager of Blockchain at VMWare, and former NetApp executive managing cloud data services and emerging products
  • Kai Li, Data Domain/EMC, Princeton University
    Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University, prior Founder and Chief Scientist at Data Domain (now part of Dell EMC)
  • Greg McGowan
    Senior Strategic Advisor at Franklin Templeton Investments, previous Executive Vice President, Director and General Counsel of Templeton International, Inc.
  • Eric Scollard
    Global Sales Executive and Strategic Sales Advisor who has led high-performance sales organizations at Qumulo, ExtraHop, Bycast, Isilon Systems, IBM, and Veritas
  • Eyal Waldman
    Chairman Waldo Holdings, Former President and CEO of Mellanox Technologies.

Hammerspace recently introduced full availability of its Global Data Environment solution. The Executive Advisory Board members have been instrumental in providing insights into the end-user, business and economic challenges created by limited and inefficient access to file data that is currently isolated in disconnected silos.