Hammerspace has introduced another leap forward for the data-driven global workforce with the Hammerspace Metadata Plugin, User Initiated File Protection, and an Automated File Reservation. Hammerspace also announced a new integration with Alchemi Data Elasticsearch. These capabilities enable users to better access, collaborate and get more value from their files globally from their desktop, regardless of which vendor system the data is stored within.

With the introduction of the new Hammerspace Metadata Plugin, users now have direct access to add custom metadata tags and manage metadata-driven workloads from their Windows desktops with a click of their mouse.

With the ability to leverage the Metadata Plugin from their existing Windows desktops, users can directly manage their data policies to complement global policy objectives set by IT administrators. Combined with Hammerspace’s powerful objective-based policies engine, custom metadata can enrich files to trigger downstream workflows, data protection actions and other uses at a file-granular level to mobilize files with metadata directly from a Windows desktop GUI.

The Hammerspace Metadata Plugin also simplifies the job of ITOps. When combined with automatic metadata inheritance within Hammerspace, the custom tags can trigger automated workflows globally.

User-Initiated File Protection and Recovery: Users can now roll back to a previous version of their file(s) with a simple click of their mouse at a Windows workstation. If a ransomware attack or an inadvertent file change occurs, users do not have to wait on the IT team to recover the file from backup to stay productive. They can roll back to the previous version of the file they need immediately, no matter which storage system the file is stored on within the Global Data Environment.

File Reservation Policy: One of the most popular use cases for the Hammerspace Global Data Environment is data collaboration across multiple sites. Two or more users may wish to edit the same file simultaneously, which could cause a write collision on rare occasions. Hammerspace has implemented a File Reservation capability that allows users to reserve files to mitigate these conflicts. This feature illustrates the power and versatility of the Hammerspace objective-based policies and their ability to elevate the user experience.

Hammerspace Metadata Plugin for Windows is now available, while you can expect the one for Linux and Mac in a future release. User-Initiated File Protection for Windows would be available later this month.

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