Storageless data company Hammerspace has joined hands with SuperMicro to offer Hammerspace software to their customers who are building out infrastructure to support hybrid cloud workloads.

Hammerspace said it is proud to have SuperMicro as its first hardware partner, as it continues to see strong customer growth and market demand to purchase hardware and software together.

According to the company, Hammerspace storageless data makes complicated enterprise storage obsolete by enabling persistent data orchestration across the hybrid cloud by overcoming the data gravity generated by siloed storage infrastructure.

Alvin Chu, Senior Director of Storage and AI Technology solutions at SuperMicro, said: “With support for almost any storage solution available today, distributed from the cloud to the edge, Hammerspace takes the complexity out of making it all work together. This is vital for SuperMicro’s customers, as it helps them make the move to a software-defined cloud-native architecture.”

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