HAProxy Technologies has announced the release version 1.6 of the HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller. This version provides the ability to add raw configuration snippets to HAProxy frontends, allows for ACL/Map files to be managed through a ConfigMap, and enables complex routing decisions to be made based on anything found within the request headers or metadata.

It also unlocks the ability to supply a secondary HAProxy configuration that can be used for loading additional sections that are not directly managed by the Ingress Controller.

HAProxy ACL and Map files are a powerful feature that allow you to match anything found within the request and response headers or metadata and perform routing decisions based on that data. They are powered by Elastic Binary Trees, which means they are extremely performant and can easily handle millions of entries. This release allows for importing ACL and Map file patterns to a ConfigMap, which can then be referenced through annotations.

The ingress controller now supports loading a secondary HAProxy configuration file where you can define additional sections such as resolvers, cache, and ring.

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