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Harness’ Cloud Cost Management Features Save Customers 75% In Cloud Costs


Harness Cloud Cost Management (CCM) product module will use intelligence and automation to reduce cloud costs, while providing individuals at all levels with insight into how those costs break down. Harness’ new features will help customers actually achieve the promise of the cloud – only paying for what they use.

The Harness platform updates include four core components geared at optimizing cloud costs: Intelligent Cloud AutoStopping (released in June 2021) allows organizations to automatically reduce cloud compute waste associated with software delivery by up to 75%; Cloud Cost Business Intelligence (new feature) unlocks the value in cloud cost data and provides deep insights to inform business decisions; more Kubernetes Optimization (new feature) surfaces Kubernetes optimizations at the node level to help customers realize bigger savings, faster up to 40%; Cost Perspectives (improvement) provides personalized cloud cost information on a single screen – all the info customers want, none that they don’t.

Harness’ intelligent cloud cost management automatically eliminates idle costs to allow customers to only pay for what they use, and provides tailored recommendations for where to optimize the infrastructure based on idle or unallocated resources, thus reducing waste and toil required to implement cost savings.

Secondly, customers can get more value out of their cloud, with less effort and only paying for what they use. By aligning cost centers to budgets, customers are provided an accurate forecasting model that helps budget owners understand how they’re trending, and when they need to take action.

Finally, it creates a collaborative cost management culture across finance, engineering and FinOps while also using business intelligence to break down silos and simplify for any stakeholder.