HashiCorp has added enterprise capabilities to HashiCorp Terraform Cloud with a new Business tier offering. The new tier includes enterprise features for advanced security, compliance and governance, the ability to execute multiple runs concurrently, and flexible support options.

With the Business tier of Terraform Cloud, organizations can look forward to reducing operational burdens and time spent installing and managing infrastructure. They can also reduce risk by relying on a secure, compliant, and reliable platform, and increase developer velocity with integrated workflows for the tools developers are already using.

The new Terraform Cloud Business tier includes enterprise features: single sign-on (SSO) integrated with Okta, audit logging integrated with Splunk, and private networking with fixed IPs and self-hosted agents to interact with other management planes across physical environments and private networks.

It also features the ability to scale multiple concurrent jobs on Terraform to keep up with demand from end users creating, updating, and deleting infrastructure.

The new tier also offers SLAs and support options to fit organizational needs.

Terraform Cloud is said to have added more than 5,000 new users per month since its initial release in 2019, with more than 500,000 runs (provisioning of infrastructure) executed monthly.

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