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Hazelcast Offers Stream Processing Via SQL, Zero-Code Connectors


Hazelcast has announced new capabilities that enable enterprises to join multiple streams of live data and merge them with large volumes of stored data to provide historical context, all within a single data processing platform. In addition to simplifying the overall data architecture for enterprise applications, Hazelcast now offers zero-code connectors to accelerate how quickly an enterprise can realize the benefits of stream processing and real-time applications in their existing infrastructure.

With the added stream-to-stream join functionality, enterprises can merge multiple data streams and handle late-arriving records. For example, an online business application may monitor both streams of orders and shipments to confirm accurate fulfillment, a success metric that keeps customers and users satisfied and loyal. By combining multiple streams with an ultra-fast, low-latency data store, enterprises can analyze and take action on the data without waiting for it to be written to a traditional database.

Data unable to be queried for context enrichment of real-time insights is a lost opportunity. To ensure a user’s ability to take timely action on real-time insights, the Hazelcast Platform introduces zero-code connectors as a declarative method to retrieve contextual data from existing data platforms to simplify how application developers access and query data, as well as leverage pipelines. The Hazelcast zero-code connectors are in beta and currently support AWS Relational Database Services (RDS) for MySQL and PostgreSQL. Additional connectors will be available in upcoming releases.

Announced earlier this year, the Hazelcast Platform includes a Tiered Storage function that allows users to keep hot data in memory to increase throughput and reduce latency and maintain cold data in more cost-effective and operationally appropriate locations. The Tiered Storage capability is also highly performant, as its performance is on par with the Hazelcast Platform High-Density Memory Store feature. As an additional benefit, Tiered Storage enables users to enrich real-time data with reference data stored on NVMe-based SSDs.

Additional features in the latest release of Hazelcast Platform include: JSON SQL, Java Nested Objects, JDBC Driver, Management Center SQL Browser and Compact Serialization Generally Available (GA).

Hazelcast Platform 5.2 is generally available as a software download and part of the Hazelcast Viridian cloud portfolio, including the free and paid versions of Hazelcast Viridian Serverless.