Holberton School Goes To Tulsa


The Holberton School has chosen Tulsa, Oklahoma, as the site of their third campus in the US. Offering training to aspiring software engineers, the new Tulsa campus will provide up to $30,000 in need-based living assistance, tuition deferred Income Share Agreements (ISAs) and planned subsidized dorms.

With the financial support of George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF), the campus will offer qualifying students in need-based living assistance with $1,500 per month. The amount will help students with living expenses like housing and food while attending Holberton.

Scheduled to open in January next year, Tulsa’s Holberton campus also plans to have subsidized dorms available by 2022.

Like all Holberton campuses, Holberton Tulsa provides Silicon Valley-caliber peer-learning and project-based software engineering training in only two years while charging no upfront tuition. Instead, students pay a portion of their salaries for 42 months after they land high-paying jobs.

It is said that Holberton students from the San Francisco campus make on average six-figure salaries during their first year of post-Holberton employment.