Avi Bar-Zeev, a well-known figure in the augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) industry and Hololens co-inventor, left his role at Apple in January.

It looks like an amicable departure, going by what Bar-Zeev told Variety: “I had the best exit one can imagine. I have only nice things to say about Apple and won’t comment on any specific product plans.”

But considering the fact that he had been working on Apple’s augmented reality headset (headed for a 2020 launch), the move may not be very positive for the company’s augmented reality ambitions in the long run.

He is now mulling over working as an AR consultant while taking care of his own projects.
Bar-Zeev joined Apple in June 2016. Prior to his role at Apple, Bar-Zeev worked on Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery program.

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