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How Akamai Is Making It Easier To Use Kubernetes


Many organizations have trouble getting started with Kubernetes because they perceive it to be too complex, too expensive, and simply overwhelming. Akamai Linode has taken that to heart:

  • It provides core services along the continuum of cloud to the edge in a way that is portable, cloud-agnostic, and open-source friendly.
  • Its solutions are driven by what customers want: simple deployment, easy management, security, good price performance, and greater developer control.
  •  As you go up the market and you’re into more streaming and other things, it bundles in a bunch of free egress.
  • It has an industry award-winning customer support team that are experts in Linux, Kubernetes, managed databases, SQL, and others.

Whether you’re running very sophisticated, custom Kubernetes applications OR wanting an “easy button” for fully managed services, Akamai Linode can help. Meet them at the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023!

This summary was written by Camille Gregory.