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How Flexify.IO Helps Companies Migrate Data Between Clouds


Sergey Kandaurov, Founder and CTO of Flexify.IO, talks about storage, virtualization, and migration.

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About the company: Flexify.IO is a cloud storage virtualization and migration solution that helps customers build cloud-agnostic solutions by simplifying migration and avoiding dependency on a single cloud storage provider.[/su_note]

Guest: Sergey Kandaurov
Company: Flexify.IO
Show: Let’s Talk

Flexify.IO is the world’s first cloud storage virtualization and migration solution, helping businesses build cloud-agnostic solutions. Their primary focus is on object storage which enables companies to move data between different cloud providers (such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Ceph and others).

One very tricky proposition for companies is when they acquire other companies and have to merge their cloud solutions together. Those companies are not only dealing with different platforms, but teams, code, and departments. Most often, however, Flexify.IO deals with companies looking to extend and diversify into other cloud providers. And because businesses do not live in a static world, solutions for cloud migration and object storage are crucial. This is especially true when at scale. To that end, Kandaurov says, “Because modern companies, modern businesses, operate on enormous amounts of data, we’re talking about hundreds of terabytes, petabytes of data are dozens of petabytes of data for some of our biggest customers. We’re talking about billions of different objects, copying or moving such amounts of data manually, or with some simple scripts, it just is not realistic.”

According to Kandaurov, Flexify focuses on three distinct, but necessary, features. First, there’s the “single pane of glass,” where you can see all of your data. Next is the ability to move or copy data between clouds, so that it can be done at any time. Finally, there is a single, unified API that makes this all possible.

Flexify.IO supports 20 different cloud storage vendors and even on-premise solutions from Dell EMC ECS and Ceph, and their largest customers are in the gaming industry. As far as which vendor they prefer, Kandaurov says, “There is no best vendor. Different vendors provide different services. And even though they’re commoditized, different applications have different requirements, and different cloud providers are best for different applications needs. It’s important, however, to make sure that you’re using standardized API.”