As more and more small and medium businesses are embracing cloud-native technologies, their relatively smaller developer teams need help in understanding these complicated technologies. Unlike big organizations, SMEs have limited budgets and resources to invest in developer teams, in addition to the fact that there is already a huge gap between demand and supply of talented developers who know cloud-native technologies. To help these companies, Linode has partnered with Learnk8s to help its users better understand the concepts and workings of cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes, Jenkins X, and so on so they have the knowledge and confidence needed to run these technologies in production. In this episode of Let’s Talk, we sat down with Mauricio Salatino, Kubernetes Instructor at Learnk8s, to learn more about the resources Linode is offering to its users.

Guest: Mauricio Salatino has been working as a Principal software engineer for companies such as Camunda, Alfresco, and Red Hat. He has participated in world-class conferences such as KubeCon and SpringOne. Mauricio is very enthusiastic about Open Source projects around Kubernetes and he has been working with Learnk8s as a Kubernetes instructor for the last 3 years.

Company: Learnk8s is a Kubernetes Training company.

Show: Let’s Talk

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