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How Linode Stands Out from Competitors


Alternative cloud is a crowded space with many vendors. So how does Linode differentiate itself from the competition while using the same open-source technologies like Linux & Kubernetes and emerge as the first choice for many users? Dan Spataro, Vice President Of Infrastructure Operations at Linode, joins me to talk about that.

Guest: Dan Spataro
Company: Linode
Show: To The Point


I think it’s the amount of effort that we put into all the different from all the different stacks of our network. You know, from interconnection, like I said, going out to these different partners, these different conferences, understanding the landscape of each region. You know, Mumbai is completely a different landscape than Dallas, Texas, right? So we have to really understand on the ground, you know, what do customers want what never said they want to connect to what peers they need to connect to. And then once we figure that out, we can then build you know, a proper balanced blend to service, you know, all of our customers which run the full scope.