In this episode of Let’s Talk Alex Gounares, CEO of Polyverse Corporation,, joins me to talk about the ways organizations can protect their legacy systems. We started our conversation with understanding what kind of systems Gounares would consider legacy systems. What are the factors that organizations can’t keep their legacy systems updated, which also makes these systems vulnerable to attacks. After understanding the problem, we shifted our focus to looking at solutions, including polymorphing, that can help organizations in securing their legacy systems.

[su_note note_color=”#000″ text_color=”#fff”]Alex Gounares is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Polyverse. Previously, Alex led Concurix, a maker of Node.js profiling tools, and before that served as AOL’s Chief Technology Officer. In this role, he led all aspects of AOL’s technology strategy, platform development, and external technology partnerships. [/su_note]

Polyverse Corporation develops leading-edge cybersecurity technology to build diversity across multiple system dimensions, stopping attacks before they start. Its technology is used by government and security-conscious organizations to mitigate against zero-day memory exploits. It is also embedded into devices, hardware, and security solutions to provide the ultimate protection against hackers.

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