[su_note note_color=”#e4e4e4″ text_color=”#000″ class=”hvr-grow”]Peritus.ai recommendation engine targets community forums that have become the destination for developers on vendor sites and communities such as Stack Overflow. When done well, community forums can create both user loyalty and deflect costly support cases.[/su_note]

Recommendation engines are quite popular in the consumer space, but they are even more effective and essential in the enterprise space. Robin Purohit, Co-founder and CEO of Peritus.ai, compares them with Grammarly that we all use in our work life to help write better. Peritus.ai recommendation engine does the same for DevOps engineers and Developers with technical content. “Millions of tech workers around the world are all trying to master the latest technology and do their job better. We are trying to provide them with insights and how they can either support a customer or develop a new product faster by giving recommendations in the moment that they’re doing their work,” said Purohit.

• Peritus.ai has joined Nvidia’s Inception program. How is Peritus.ai leveraging Nvidia technologies for its recommendation engine?
• We are quite aware of the recommendation engine in the consumer space; how is it being used by enterprise customers and why?
• Examples of how enterprise customers are using a recommendation engine
• What kind of content does Peritus.ai recommendation engine provide?
• From where does Peritus.ai ingest the content data?
• How do you keep up with the ever-growing content in this cloud-native space?
• How does the Peritus.ai recommendation engine directly impact a developer’s workflow and pipeline?
• What kind of roadmap does Peritus.ai have for 2021?

[su_box title=”About our guest:” style=”soft” box_color=”#f4f4f4″ title_color=”#e50d70″ class=”hvr-grow”]Robin Purohit is the co-founder and CEO of Peritus.ai, the AI recommendation engine for support automation. He has been an entrepreneur throughout his career, building and marketing IT products at both high growth innovators and established industry leaders including Griddable (acquired by Salesforce), BMC and HP Software.[/su_box]

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