Guest: Elad Ben-Israel (LinkedIn)
Company: Wing Cloud (Twitter)
Show: To The Point

AsĀ  a seasoned engineer tackling data at companies like Amazon, Elad Ben-Israel co-founded and led Wing Cloud to create a unified cloud programming language that has a distributed programming model, with cloud services as first-class citizens across all types of cloud providers and cloud stacks. In this segment, Ben-Israel talks about four lessons he learnt while building an open source project and community around Winglang.

According to him,

Lesson 1: Build an open team
Lesson 2: Be explicit about expectations
Lesson 3: Understand why people contribute to open source projects
Lesson 4: Contributor should feel a sense of belonging to the project

As someone who has been covering open source for almost 2 decades, I felt he perfectly summarizes the heart and soul of open source. Do check out the video above as this is the key to building successful open source projects and communities for new companies.

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