Guest: Dean Agron (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Oxeye (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk
Keyword: Cloud Application Security

Oxeye helps developers and AppSec teams secure cloud applications by helping them understand the building blocks of the apps and how they can better prioritize vulnerabilities. In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya sat down with Dean Agron, CEO and Co-Founder of Oxeye, to discuss the increasing concerns around cloud application security. Agron says, “Bringing it to the main conversation, I think, will just contribute to making everyone safer, using better tools, and building better programs to secure themselves.”

Key takeaways from this video interview are:

  • Organizations need to adopt a layered approach to protecting against cybersecurity threats, taking into account both cloud applications and infrastructure.
  • While cloud vendors provide protection over the infrastructure, organizations need additional layers of security for applications they have written within the organization in order to protect the code.
  • One of the key challenges for cloud applications is in the distribution because the code is no longer on a server but on multiple components. In order for the various components to work together in harmony, it is important to have the visibility to understand what the building blocks of the cloud application are.
  • The Log4j vulnerability posed a major security concern but spurred on the need for governance for when a vulnerability does occur, so it can be effectively handled and overcome as quickly as possible. Having solutions that enable you to focus on the most critical security challenges is key.
  • Oxeye aims to help AppSec teams understand the building blocks of the apps and how those components communicate with one another. This enables them to prioritize the vulnerabilities using the context-based vulnerabilities assessment engine.
  • Development teams help bridge the gap between the AppSec and R&D teams, enabling them to reach an understanding. This major progression in the security of security teams helps ease the process of vulnerability resolve.
  • Although there is a rise in threats, there is also a rise in protection solutions. Using better tools and programs will help companies and organizations secure themselves more effectively.

About Dean Agron: Dean is the CEO and Co-founder of Oxeye, he is a cyber-security expert with +14 years of diverse experience and executive positions. Prior to Oxeye, Dean led the strategic consulting group at Kayhut, a cyber security service provider. Before Kayhut, he led a variety of engineering, sales, and partnership roles working for Imperva and Checkpoint.

About Oxeye: Oxeye produces a cloud-native application security testing solution designed specifically for modern architectures.

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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