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How Working At GitLab Changed My Life: Priyanka Sharma


Priyanka Sharma is the Director of Technical Evangelism at GitLab. She had started her own company when she met the founder of GitLab. She was so impressed with the culture of GitLab that she decided to join the company. In this interview, Sharma shared her journey and also talked about what makes GitLab an ideal place for open source developers to work at.

Topics we covered in this interview:
00:00:17 What do you do at GitLab
00:00:36 Difference between evangelism and marketing
00:00:52 Is it just work, or are you really passionate about GitLab?
00:01:03 What makes you so passionate about GitLab?
00:02:32 How all remote made Sharma more efficient – both professionally and personally
00:06:33 Three things that matter the most to the company
00:10:41 How GitLab community inspires and encourages each other 00:12:43 What the name changed to GitLab Summit?
00:13:42 What is the importance of such in-person events?
00:15:46 Dancing with the CEO.