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Huawei’s openEuler Now Available For Download


Remember Huawei announced its open source openEuler server operating system in September last year? Well, the Chinese vendor has now released the source code of openEuler.

The openEuler has two open-source sub-projects: A-Tune and iSula. While A-Tune is an intelligent performance optimization system software, iSula is a cloud-native solution that can meet the multiple needs of the ICT field.

The source code is available at Gitee (GitHub’s Chinese alternative). There are two separate repositories, one for the source code and the other as a package source to store software packages that help to build the OS.

Huawei gradually plans to open up its technology accumulation in the field of ICT basic software, and open source the basic platform capabilities in operating system, compiler / JDK and other fields to the openEuler community.

Huawei also announced that its database GaussDB will be open-source, which currently covers 70% of enterprise business scenarios. It will be fully online before June 30, 2020.