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Hybrid Cloud Leads Strategy For Red Hat Customers


What best describes your cloud strategy? Well, hybrid cloud is the most common term that Red Hat customers use to describe their cloud strategy.

According to the recently released 2020 Global Customer Tech Outlook by Red Hat, 31% say “hybrid” describes their strategy best, 21% are leading with a private cloud approach, and only 4% declared a public cloud first strategy.

The survey of 876 of Red Hat’s biggest customers also points out to some big differences in North America and EMEA when it comes to private and hybrid cloud plans.

As far as the value of the open organization is concerned, 42% of the respondents say that they’re in some stage of embracing an open organization culture, while 12% are undecided. Only 29% say they have no plans to evolve their culture, the report adds.

Also, Red Hat said its customers are showing a keen interest in emerging tech with 30% already using or planning on using AI/ML within the next 12 months. While Blockchain topped the list in last year’s Red Hat customer survey, it slipped to the fourth slot with just 12% saying it would be a likely workload.

With serverless computing and IoT both growing in popularity, Red Hat said it won’t be surprising if edge computing creeps up a bit higher in the list in the 2021 survey.