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Impossible Cloud Announces GA Of Its Enterprise-Grade, Native Cloud Storage Solution

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Impossible Cloud has announced the general availability of its enterprise-grade, native cloud storage solution which delivers all the capabilities of traditional cloud storage along with the key benefits of decentralized web3 technology. These include increased speed, affordability and security, all at a 50%-to-75% cost savings compared to traditional cloud providers.

Importantly, Impossible Cloud’s services can be procured using fiat currencies, and does not require tokens or cryptocurrency — eliminating a critical roadblock that has slowed B2B adoption of web3 technologies.

Supporting almost unlimited capacity, Impossible Cloud’s Object Storage solution offers a scalable, cost-efficient alternative for organizations that require reliable and secure storage. The solution is designed especially for enterprises and SMBs that utilize centralized public cloud providers, such as AWS S3, as well as on-premises private clouds.

By tapping into underutilized capacity from top-tier data centers, Impossible Cloud enables off-site, disaster-resistant storage that is Kubernetes-friendly and S3-compatible. The platform ensures low latency, rapid uploads and downloads with millisecond throughput speeds, and is designed for 100% durability without any single point of failure — guaranteeing 99.95% availability, which is higher than industry standard.

Impossible Cloud’s Object Storage has been developed for deployment within minutes with just a single line of code and it features 24/7 engineering support. The platform combines the intrinsic benefits of web3 security with industry-leading security protocols and best practices — such as IAM, advanced file-versioning, encryption, and immutable buckets that protect data against accidental deletions and offer protection from ransomware and viruses.

Earlier this month, Impossible Cloud announced a €7 million seed round co-led by HV Capital and 1kx, and joined by Protocol Labs, TS Ventures, and very early Ventures to accelerate the launch of its innovative platform.