Guest: Fabian Kramm (LinkedIn)
Company: Loft Labs (Twitter)

Loft Labs empowers developers to take back control over their environments and reduce Kubernetes cluster sprawl. In this episode of 2023 Predictions, Co-Founder and CTO Fabian Kramm shares what’s on his industry radar for this new year.

In 2023, Kramm predicts:

  • Kubernetes adoption will increase.
  • Kubernetes will become more popular in the developer space and consequently, more tooling around how to develop with it.
  • More radical experiments in the Kubernetes ecosystem in terms of projects and scope.

This year, Loft Labs will focus on:

  • Getting vcluster to version 1 and making it stable
  • Creating more integrations for the virtual cluster because reusing already existing services of the underlying host cluster saves the most money
  • Transitioning DevSpace to the CNCF Sandbox.

Because there is no standard in place just yet, companies will continue to be challenged with:

  • finding the right abstraction for developers in terms of how to interact with Kubernetes. Should they have direct access? Should they use a tool in front of Kubernetes? Should they just interact with a pipeline that shields them from Kubernetes completely?
  • how to run multiple clusters of Kubernetes and making sure those clusters are all in sync, all managed centrally, and can be exposed to developers or teams of developers.

This summary was written by Camille Gregory.

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