Shahar Fogel – CEO – Rookout, joins me on another episode of TFiR’s Let’s Talk for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU. Fogel shares his experiences from this year’s KubeCon which attracted some 7,000 in-person attendees.

He discusses the key themes at KubeCon, security and observability, and how they are affecting developers. He goes into depth about how shift left is changing the way developers work and enhancing the need for tools to help them better understand remote environments.

On discussing the shifts he is seeing with developers, Fogel says, “A lot o them care about observability as core. They not only want to understand the infrastructure, but also want to get to the root cause faster in an agile manner that is suitable for the way engineers work.”

Some key takeaway from his interview:

  • Fogel says that this year KubeCon attracted practitioners including core engineers, Ops, and SREs. Fogel attributes this to the shift left movement.
  • One of the major themes of KubeCon was security. Fogel goes into detail about what he saw from Rookout’s perspective.
  • He explains why he feels security is shifting, with engineers working with applications and production rather than just developing the software.
  • Although day 2 operations are often perceived as something for Ops, with the shift left approach, this is falling more and more on the developers’ pipeline. Fogel talks about the challenges day 2 brings to developers and the impact cloud native architectures have on them.
  • Rookout recently announced a new feature, Auto Fetch, in collaboration with GitLab. One of the key pains for developers is knowing what version of code is running in remote environments. Fogel explains the key capabilities of the new feature and how it will help developers better interact with distributed applications.
  • Observability was another major theme at KubeCon. Fogel shares why the shift left movement will increase the need for tools like Rookout’s and other cloud native observability tools.

Rookout Solutions:

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