Inspur announces InCloud OpenStack 5.5


Inspur, one of the biggest provider of data center and cloud computing solutions of China, has announced InCloud OpenStack 5.5 at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, Canada.

The recent surveys conducted by the OpenStack Foundation and CNCF show the increasing adoption of cloud-native, Open Source technologies in China. And OpenStack is one of the fastest growing open source technologies in the region.

“The growth of OpenStack in China is impressive,” said Jay Zhang, vice president of Inspur. “Over the next five years, we expect a CAGR of 40 percent for this market segment. Ongoing development of standardized APIs and excellent heterogeneous resource management and programmability are key drivers in the thriving OpenStack ecosystem, and Inspur plans to maintain and expand its OpenStack leadership, taking full advantage of this growth trend.”

InCloud OpenStack is widely used in area where control over your cloud is critical. The solution is being used in the financial services, securities and enterprise sectors in China.

Major highlights of InCloud OpenStack 5.5:

  • Multiple Datacenter, across multiple regions: InCloud OpenStack 5.5 can support multiple data centers across multiple regions. In one implementation, Inspur achieved an OpenStack deployment with around 1,000 nodes in a single region for a non-telecom customer and a total of more than 1,400 nodes are in production.
  • Easy to use: InCloud OpenStack offers one-click deployment and graphical resource layout via containerized images that are independent of the host operating system. Resource arrangement is managed visually with system templates or a custom drag-and-drop template.
  • Diverse compute types: InCloud OpenStack 5.5 offers unified management of virtual machines (VMs), bare metal instances, and containers on the same platform.
  • Multi-region support: InCloud OpenStack 5.5 optimizes multi-region management to achieve division and separate management of large clusters. All regions use the same set of Keystone systems to resolve the system bottlenecks caused by cluster expansion.
  • Layered security: InCloud OpenStack adopts a layered security enhancement design to better secure the cloud platform from the dimensions of the hypervisor system, VMs and user access.
  • Disaster tolerance: InCloud OpenStack 5.5 offers disaster recovery capability that spans multiple data centers.

Inspur is primarily a server hardware player, but it’s also expanding it’s software solutions. The China based company has expanded into US to tap into the growing cloud market in North America. As a hardware & software vendor, Inspur is active in open source communities around hardware and software, including but not limited to OCP, ODCC, Open19, OpenStack and Openpower foundations.