Instana has announced the acquisition of three technologies, namely StackImpact, BeeInstant and Signify, in the advanced application performance management area.

The integration of the newly acquired technologies into Instana’s APM platform is said to augment its next-gen microservices and Kubernetes performance management solution to deliver high-frequency cloud application metrics, recognize and analyze complex system signals, perform code-level profiling and further automate root-cause analysis.

The three acquisitions consist of two companies, BeeInstant Ltd and StackImpact GmbH, and the Signify technology from JINSPIRED B.V., which will be integrated with Instana’s APM solution for microservice applications.

StackImpact is the first polyglot production application profiler; BeeInstant is claimed to be a leading solution in the emerging area of high-frequency metrics analysis in large scale cloud environments while Signify is a forward looking solution to provide insight into complex system signals.

Instana’s automated APM solution discovers application service components and application infrastructure, including Kubernetes, CloudFoundry, Docker, Red Hat OpenShift, Pivotal Application Services and Container Services.

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