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Instana Adds Support For CRIO As A Kubernetes Run-Time


Instana has added support for managing CRIO Kubernetes run-time containers and the applications that run on that infrastructure. The addition should give customers flexibility to choose their favorite orchestration engine and run-time containers, the company said.

The first application performance management solution to natively monitor container infrastructure and containerized applications, Instana said it expands its technical leadership in the containerized application management industry with today’s announcement. Similarly to what it does with other technology monitoring, Instana automatically discovers, deploys, monitoring and analyzes data from CRIO, correlating infrastructure and application information with other monitoring information.

Instana was the first APM solution to monitor applications that ran in containerized environments orchestrated with any Kubernetes distribution including opensource K8s, Red Hat OpenShift, Tectonic, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, and Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, among others.

According to the company, the announcement represents the first time that Instana is including CRIO-specific information in the overall orchestration, container and application monitoring environments.