Instana has announced the first APM solution with a GitOps enabled agent. With the release, Instana’s agent now automatically supports Git-based configuration management across any number of hosts.

With support for the Git-based configuration management, the Instana agent is said to deliver version pinning control for specific hosts. It also delivers automatic configuration updates fetched on agent startup and reboot along with the flexibility to turn this feature on and off at will.

Moreover, users benefit from the ability to map different groups of host agents to Git branches based on the environment that is being monitored.

In addition to manual agent configuration being a complex and time-consuming process, it also introduces a high risk of error that could break the monitoring of critical systems. Instana’s GitOps enabled host agent is said to reduce that risk, leading to fewer configuration errors while providing the option for easy rollback if an update causes a problem.

With this capability, Instana’s agent delivers improved customer experience and more control for users, allowing them to keep the latest version of the agent when it is most convenient.

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