Instana has announced support for the On-Prem version of Google’s Kubernetes Engine (GKE), a part of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

As application teams need flexibility in their platform choices, especially while implementing and roll out orchestrated microservice applications, Instana said it plans to continue to expand its Kubernetes distribution support.

Instana’s support for Google’s On-Prem GKE version is the latest announcement about container and orchestration performance management enhancements since the last KubeCon US conference. At that event, Instana announced that their automatic APM solution was tightening the integration of Kubernetes platform monitoring with the existing infrastructure monitoring, APM and tracing capabilities of the product – making it easier to provide access to Kubernetes performance information for all stakeholders including developers.

Since then, Instana has announced new monitoring for Envoy Application proxies and containerd, enhanced deployment options for monitoring applications running on Red Hat OpenShift, and a collaborative effort with GiantSwarm to deliver the first integration of a Managed Kubernetes Service with a Kubernetes APM solution.

Instana’s automatic application monitoring solution discovers application infrastructure and service components, including Kubernetes Pods and Nodes. Its Kubernetes APM solution runs on many K8S distributions including open-source Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure AKS, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, Red Hat OpenShift, Google (GKE) cloud and on-prem versions, and Amazon’s EKS.

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