Adding more artificial intelligence (AI) technology to all aspects of its business, Intel has acquired Vertex.AI – a 3-year-old Seattle start-up that is developing deep learning capabilities for every platform.

The start-up will join Intel’s Movidius group (bought by the computer processing giant in 2016 for an undisclosed sum). Movidius provides solutions for deploying deep learning and computer vision algorithms right on-device at ultra-low power.

“With this acquisition, Intel gained an experienced team and IP to further enable flexible deep learning at the edge,” Intel said in a statement.

Intel has not disclosed terms of the deal yet.

Intel plans to continue developing PlaidML as an open source project, and we will shortly transition it to the Apache 2.0 license. Supporting a variety of hardware will continue to be a priority for the PlaidML project, which Intel will further develop as an Intel nGraph backend. We are excited to advance flexible deep learning for edge computing as part of Intel, according to a note left on Vertex’s home page.

In March 2017, Intel decided to align its AI efforts into a single business unit called the Artificial Intelligence Products Group (AIPG).

Intel’s efforts are aimed at rallying the industry around a set of standards for AI that ultimately brings down costs and makes AI more accessible to more people – not only institutions, governments and large companies, as it is today.

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