Intelligent network automation firm Itential has extended its integration with Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO). The latest enhancements provide further automation capabilities critical to the management of the modern network.

According to the company, this integration helps define and implement intelligent network automation in a low-code environment, closing the skills gap involved in network management by providing a drag-and-drop automation builder usable by both developers and network engineers.

Moreover, the integration does away with the need to hard code important pieces of information via scripts by providing a workflow with defined variables to accommodate changing information about devices and services.

The enhanced Itential and Cisco NSO integration includes leveraging NETCONF, REST and JSON RPC APIs to expose NSO capabilities within the Itential Automation Platform, full integration and management of NSO Commit Queues, and execution of NSO Live Status calls from within Itential applications and workflows.

Other features include defined NACM rules within NSO that are understood and honored within Itential applications and network automation workflows, and also Group Based Access Control (GBAC).

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