It’s time to create a ‘mecha’, Musk on Twitter


Elon Musk is back in news and this time for his latest tweet that it’s time to create a “mecha”. For the uninitiated, the mecha is a giant fighting and flying human-shaped anime robot prominent in science fiction. The tweet just before that saw SpaceX founder and chief executive expressing his love for Japanese animated romantic drama “Your name”. Well, that left netizens wondering if it could inspire Musk’s next project?

To others, it appears as a casual mention of building an impressive mecha.

There’s no denying the fact that governments around the world to spend a huge amount on weapons and defence programs every year. But we are yet to hear any military chalking out plans to create a giant robot, that is armed with sci-fi weapons.

Talking about his other tweets, the infamous “funding secured” one eventually saw him agreeing to pay a $20 million fine and also resign from the post of the chairman of the electric automaker. The move came 48 hours after the US markets regulator filed a lawsuit against Musk over allegations of securities fraud for misleading investors last month about taking Tesla private.

Could the billionaire technology entrepreneur really wish to take on a sci-fi manufacturing challenge?

Source: Business Insider