Former Salesforce program architect Ivan Harris has joined Provar as chief technology officer (CTO). Before joining Provar, Harris was based in Australia, working with some of Salesforce’s largest and most complex multi-cloud customers on enterprise transformation projects to help accelerate their time to value.

For more than a decade, Harris focused on creating products that are built on, or that integrate with, Salesforce. He has led teams that have launched five Salesforce AppExchange apps and an AI platform that integrates with Salesforce Service Cloud to provide customer service automation.

Harris spent the first 15 years of his career in the aerospace and defense industry designing, writing and testing safety-critical embedded software. During the second half of his career, he held several C-level technology and product leadership roles helping B2B enterprise software startups bring innovative solutions to market. In his spare time, Harris is writing a book, “Beginning Salesforce DX,” which is due to be published by Apress in late 2022.

Salesforce is rolling out new tools such as Salesforce DX, Code Builder and DevOps Center to improve the experience for developing and deploying custom applications and customizations on their platform. Provar is able to support the more frequent and shorter release cycles of agile, collaborative, and iterative development with comprehensive testing throughout the development cycle. Teams can test and deploy more frequently while also improving the end-user experience.

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