Jetstack has announced that its donation of the cert-manager project to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) “Sandbox” has been accepted.

cert-manager automates the management of X.509 machine identities within Kubernetes and OpenShift and has become one of the leading community projects in the cloud-native ecosystem.

Jetstack said that it looks forward to attracting a diverse contributor base and extending its partnership and cooperation with many other projects “to further enhance the developer and operator experience”.

cert-manager enables developers to easily request machine identities to secure applications.

Certificates can be signed by public and private certificate authorities such as Let’s Encrypt and cert-manager handles the automation of the certificate lifecycle. This means developers can move fast and stay secure, while platform and security teams have control and visibility.

Jetstack recently celebrated the v1 release of cert-manager.

Jetstack was acquired by Venafi, the machine identity management company, in May. Both organizations share a vision of how to deliver machine identity management to developers in modern, cloud-native infrastructures.

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