The JFrog DevOps Platform Enterprise+ plan is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace as a SaaS subscription.

The JFrog DevOps Platform, a multi-cloud, universal DevOps platform, drives continuous software releases from source to any deployment target. Google Cloud customers can now easily deploy the JFrog Platform with full Enterprise+ subscription capabilities in just a few clicks via the Google Cloud Marketplace.

The JFrog Platform Enterprise+ subscription is a DevOps offering from JFrog designed to enable large enterprises to support the needs of modern application delivery, at scale including binaries management, container registry, built-in security, CI/CD pipelines, and advanced distribution capabilities.

The Enterprise+ subscription includes:

  • JFrog Artifactory – A universal package management and container registry solution
  • JFrog Xray – Enabling DevSecOps at scale with continuous scanning for security vulnerabilities and license compliance for open-source dependencies.
  • JFrog Distribution & Hybrid Edges – Accelerates secure software distribution across large-scale hybrid infrastructure footprints, edges, IoT, and remote offices
  • JFrog Pipelines – End-to-end CI/CD automation and orchestration
    Admin dashboard, analytics, and 24/7 high-touch support

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