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JFrog Launches JFrog Multi-Cloud Universal DevOps Platform


DevOps technology company JFrog has announced its new hybrid, multi-cloud, universal DevOps platform called the JFrog Platform that drives continuous software releases from any source to any destination. By delivering tools in an all-in-one solution, the JFrog Platform aims to empower organizations, developers and DevOps engineers to meet increased delivery requirements.

For the uninitiated, JFrog is the creator of Artifactory, the heart of the Universal DevOps platform for automating, managing, securing, distributing, and monitoring all types of technologies.

“Developers told us they required a more unified and centralized solution for next-generation DevOps automation that streamlines their portfolio. As developers ourselves who know the pain, we’re excited and proud to have met the challenge with JFrog Pipelines and the JFrog Platform,” quipped Dror Bereznitsky, CPO of JFrog.

The JFrog Platform release features the inclusion and full integration of JFrog Pipelines for CI/CD automation and orchestration. The outcropping of JFrog’s acquisition of Shippable in 2019, JFrog Pipelines is a centralized cloud-native CI/CD product that can be scaled across thousands of concurrent pipelines, universally supporting DevOps workflows across an entire organization and delivering orchestration and visibility at enterprise scale from code to production.

The JFrog Platform is now available for all customers and via free trial, with flexible subscription plans.