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JFrog’s New App For Slack Accelerates Secure Delivery Of Software To Users & Devices


JFrog has announced the availability of a new Slack integration for JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray. The new JFrog app for Slack allows developers to easily raise awareness of important software development events – such as new security vulnerabilities or license compliance violations – with an extended team of stakeholders in real-time – helping streamline release cycles and speed time-to-resolution.

The JFrog app for Slack brings together artifact management and security with operational excellence that fuels business performance. It allows notifications, content and actions related to specific software incidents to be shared with one or more Slack channels. For example, developers can share vulnerability and license compliance notifications based on policies set up in JFrog Xray with an extended team of stakeholders – straight from their desktops.

The interactive notifications enable recipients to take action, creating “ignore” rules, displaying details, and more. Notifications can be paused, deleted, or invoke the JFrog Platform for more details all from within the Slack channel.

Beyond augmented, real-time collaboration, JFrog’s new app for Slack provides Quality Assurance (QA), Shift Left Security as well as Contextualized Alerts.